2020 Port Hacourt- National Convention

Rivers National Stadium Rivers, Rivers, Rivers

The largest network of Christian businessmen in the world; from every part of the world - over 100 nations. Every race, color, culture and almost every language. Our membership includes Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Military Officers, Judges, Captains of Industry, Businessmen, Executives, Professionals, sales and office workers, factory workers, educators and young people just getting starting out. FGBMFI Nigeria started in the early 1980s. From a very humble beginning, the Fellowship has grown over the years to over 3,200 chapters. Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo currently serves as National President, leading the National Executive Committee which gives policy direction to the Fellowship. FGBMFI Nigeria held its first Convention in 1985. Since then, there have been numerous Regional and National Conventions in alternate years. In 2017, there were six Regional Conventions in Nigeria, which recorded great successes. Remarkably, the 2018 Lagos National Convention will be the 87th Convention to hold in Nigeria.




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