FGBMFI was founded in 1953 in Los Angeles by Demos Shakarian, a wealthy Armenian-American dairy farmer.
Welcome to The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International(FGBMFI),a fellowship of lay businessmen.
Elder Sam Mbata was one of the foremost Africans that contacted the fire of the FGBMFI in the early 80s.



The vision of the fellowship is based upon a series of prophetic messages that occurred over a period of time and confirmed by the literal vision of God, given to a wealthy Armenian American diary farmer named Demos Shakarian.

We use a vast global movement of laymen comprising millions of men being used mightily by God to bring this last great harvest of souls through the outpourings of God’s Holy Spirit, before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our ladies are also members and play very important roles.

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28 Oct, 2021
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18 Nov, 2021

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God Has Really Thrilled Us

I attended a small primary school in the village of Ejule in my home State of Kogi. From there I proceeded to St. Peter’s College, Idah (1971 – 1975), then to Murtala College of Arts Science and Technology in Makurdi from 1976

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