Madagascar Mega Airift

1. Ambrose Okpala DC SE2
2. Paul Ulasi, Airlift Coordinator SE2
3. Nwagu Ukpa, FR SE2
4. Mrs Lola Adegun. SW1
5. Mike Adegun. National

The team left Lagos for Madagascar on the 10th of August, 2017. On arriving Madagascar, a total of 10 Outreaches in 9 days were held in 6 cities and these produced 7 new chapters.

The District Coordinator and the District Airlift Coordinator were present for the airlift, which was very commendable of the SE2 District. Mini ALTS was organised after each meeting, the LOF and a National Executive Structure were set up.

The National President Mr Zaka and his wife Liva were present for every trip alongside an interpreter. They hope to have chapters in the 65 Divisional headquarters. We have suggested they plan a National Convention in 2018.

The task ahead is to ensure that these chapters are doing well. The DC and his team are committed to follow up. SUMMARY:
Nr of Outreaches: 10
Total Attendance: 465
First Timers: 194
Salvation: 207
Holy Spirit Baptism: 11
Other Ministry: 112
New Membership: 63 in addition to the 132 decorated who had registered as members before the Launching.