2017 Theme

The Fellowship’s theme for 2017 is “Lift up your eyes and look” Gen 13:14, Isa 40:26, Jn 4:35
I could hear God asking us to lift up our eyes of faith to see the limitless potentials of a righteous and correct life who stands on His grace to fulfil His purpose in any generation.
We shall position to carve for ourselves a brand of proven integrity in the order of Bible heroes like Joseph, Job, Daniel, Mordecai etc, whose uncompromising postures in the midst of dark and perverse circumstances drew down the power of God resulting in glorious testimonies.
The Lord will have us stretch our faith over the wasting harvest within the country and in the nations of the world until we come to the place of travail and ask of Him for the heathens as an inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession.
The Lord is also opening our eyes to the vast ministry opportunities in the 7 gates of human endeavours, and will have us raise and commission kingdom Ambassadors (transformation agents) that will occupy for the Master and establish His will and purpose in these platforms.
The Lord will have us lift up our eyes and see the unquantifiable earthly and eternal rewards promised all those who will diligently seek, obey and serve His purpose. The thrust is a heightened motivation and mobilisation of all officers and members to awake from our lackadaisical mode, setting aside flimsy excuses, laying aside every weight of sin and run with patience the race that is set before us in the vision.